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Meet so.fa.dog: António Tainha, Head of Growth

We’ve had quite a good number of posts about passion economy, and in this blog post, we’re giving you more insights as we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of things.

We’re going one-on-one with so.fa.dog’s head of growth, António Tainha. In this interview, he explains why passion plus creativity is fast becoming a driving force in the way we treat and look at work. On a more personal level, we also get to know why this long-time freelance film editor from Portugal decided to move to Estonia — and eventually join so.fa.dog.

António Tainha
António Tainha, Head of Growth at so.fa.dog

so.fa.dog is a relatively new player in the passion economy marketplace. What sets so.fa.dog apart from other passion economy platforms?

It’s true that so.fa.dog doesn’t enter the game as pioneers, but we believe that can be used in our favor. The advantage of first movers is a misconception, especially in tech companies, and we’ve seen it happen on all different service providers, such as online rentals, food delivery, mobility, you name it.

We’ve been listening very closely to the needs, wants and wishes content creators have. Our goal is to adequately respond to these needs, which is why content creators are an integral part of the so.fa.dog product development process. Being in constant contact and ongoing talks with actual creators has made us understand that all in all, creators are still discontent with the existing solutions on the market.

That’s where so.fa.dog jumps in. By actively listening to what our user base wants, we have the unique chance to build the tools and functionalities content creators actually need and that don’t yet exist on other passion economy platforms. We provide more flexible monetization possibilities packed up in a sharp, user-friendly UI — all for the benefit of the creator.

In other words, so.fa.dog provides a type of experience that content creators miss and desperately need.

António Tainha

Many have touted passion economy as a game-changer in the way we look at and treat work. Naturally though, some have raised doubts about its potential, saying this is just a hype that will fade later on. As someone who has been working hard for the growth of passion economy, how do you debunk this misconception?

We just need to look at existing success cases of content creators who already make a living off their content. Content creators already profiting off their passions validate content creation not only as a lifestyle, but as a business. There’s no turning back. 

Back in the day, parents could only imagine their son’s future to be as traditional as theirs: go to college, choose a respectful and safe course of life, and work 40 years at the same company doing the same thing day in and day out. But what about the emotional aspect of choosing one’s path? Were happiness and fulfillment ever taken into account? Was the sense of achievement defined by social norms or by personal drive? 

I believe that mindset has changed considerably: we only live once (#yolo) and while we’re here, it’s up to us to make the best out of life by doing what brings us joy and self-realization. Content creators are the people that see the importance of this, and are brave enough to follow their dreams. 

so.fa.dog is here to help turn bravery into normality.


On a more personal side of things, we know António Tainha as a freelance film editor. Can you tell us more about that? What have you learned about passion and creativity during those years?

If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t be truly happy if you don’t work in what you love. Luckily, I came to that conclusion quite early on in my life. From my late teens on, I decided to embrace the creative world of film, which led me to discover the magic of editing.

Editing was also what brought me to so.fa.dog, as being a video editor was my first role at the company. I guess I can consider my background as quite valuable also in understanding the content creator’s work process, their pains and needs.

You’re originally from Portugal and you’ve also worked in other parts of the world. What was the deciding factor for you to move to Estonia?

I have to say it was also passion ???? I was invited to work on a film production in Estonia, where I met my girlfriend. After that, I started spending more and more time visiting the country, getting to know its culture and natural beauty. 

Technologically speaking, Estonia is incredibly developed, which is surprising and exciting to observe. The e-residency program was also a helpful factor in the decision of moving, as it really facilitates the process of establishment here. So I would say it was definitely a mix of passion, curiosity and opportunities that led me to try and experience life in the Baltics.

Were there any moments in your professional life that you became lost or demotivated? Looking back, how did you convince yourself that everything’s gonna work out in the end?

For me, without perseverance it’s very difficult to overcome the difficulties life brings you. Especially in the artistic world, you will always encounter obstacles that will make you question whether you should have chosen another, theoretically safer path. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your belief in your choice. I never doubted that for me, creativity was, hence, a driving force — and that determination always kept me going.

How did you figure out your passion? And what keeps you motivated to pursue this passion

Film has been part of my life ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, being in the movie theater was some sort of wonder and I loved everything about it. When it came time to decide what to do with my life, I knew I had to work in the audiovisual world. 

With so.fa.dog, I grew to learn and develop other skills, but all of these skills are still very much close to the area that fuelled me so far. 

What’s your advice to aspiring passion economy creators?

Dream big and stay true to yourself. ✌🏼

If you haven’t yet, download the so.fa.dog app and check out our awesome community of content creators and fans. Follow us on our social media channels, and stay tuned for our next posts right here on the so.fa.dog blog