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What is so.fa.dog?

so.fa.dog is a passion economy platform designed to bring together content creators and their fans. Our goal is to help content creators monetize their video content and reach a whole new fanbase.

While other platforms focus solely on content monetization, so.fa.dog helps creators expand. Our network effect assists creators in scaling their brand and earning more for doing what they love. For fans, this means easy and immediate access to exclusive video content, and a chance to help out old and new favorites alike.

so.fa.dog is available as a mobile app (iOS, Android), as well as a web-based app (app.so.fa.dog).

How do I start using so.fa.dog?

Download the so.fa.dog app on App Store or Google Play. To get started, sign in with your Apple, Google, Facebook or email account. Once you’re signed in, check out the Explore page and start looking for creators to follow. Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite channels. Top up your balance with coins to subscribe to and support the creators you love.

If you’re interested in becoming a creator yourself, apply for a creator account HERE.

How do I pay for subscriptions?

so.fa.dog uses in-app coins for all subscriber-to-creator payments. Top up your account to start using so.fa.dog coins and pay for your subscriptions.

Why coins?

so.fa.dog uses in-app coins to stay compliant with the rules set by Apple and Google. The so.fa.dog coins that creators earn are converted into cash at a fixed rate.

How much are coins worth?

The price of 100 coins is:

EUR 10.99
USD 9.99
GBP 9.99
BRL 54.9

How do I buy coins?

Click on the Coin symbol at the top of the screen to see your current balance and top up your account. You can purchase 10, 100 or 300 coins, and you can choose between a one-time purchase or a monthly coin subscription. Just log into your Apple or Google account to pay.

Does the app take money off my card automatically?

You will have to confirm both one-time purchases and monthly coin subscriptions.

What happens if I run out of coins?

You will lose access to your subscribed channels. Don’t fret: you can top up your account at any time. If you don’t dare to lose access to your favorite channel, opt for a monthly coin subscription.

Can I exchange my coins back for money?

If you don’t use the coins, you can cancel your purchase within 14 days for a full refund.

To submit a refund request on App Store, click HERE.

To submit a refund request on Google Play, click HERE.

Do I get the coins back if I unsubscribe from a channel?

Once you subscribe to a channel, the creator has earned the coins.

I have a question/feedback/idea. Who do I contact?

If you have any questions or feedback about the app, feel free to send us an email at hi@so.fa.dog.

If you have questions for a creator, feel free to contact the creator directly.

for creators

Why should I become a creator?

Because you’re doing what you love, and so.fa.dog will help you earn solid income by monetizing your fan base, and grow it.

What kind of content should I post?

Post the kind of content your subscribers would be thrilled to see. If you choose to have a subscription fee for your channel, post content your subscribers would be excited to pay for. Check out our Community Guidelines to comply with the type of content we allow.

Who sets my channel’s subscription fee?

Each creator sets their own channel’s subscription fee.

What should my channel’s subscription fee be?

You are free to choose your channel’s subscription fee. Think of the value of your content and how much effort you put into your work. What would your true fans be willing to pay for what they get? You can always change your subscription fee and see what works best for your channel.

What happens when I change my subscription fee?

Your subscribers will need to pay the new subscription fee after their current monthly subscription period ends. If your subscribers have enough coins on their account, their subscription will be automatically renewed after one month.

How can I get people to subscribe to my channel?

Promote your channel on other social media platforms to bring your audience over to so.fa.dog.

Can I use my so.fa.dog content on other platforms?

Yes. The intellectual property rights of your content belong to you. However, keep in mind that so.fa.dog helps you monetize your content, so posting it only on so.fa.dog is likely to increase your revenue.

How much will I get paid?

You will get all the revenue on your earned coins, minus:

*Google Play and App Store fees
*relevant sales tax
*the so.fa.dog platform fee

How will I get paid?

so.fa.dog will make cash transfers (subject to bank fees) to your bank account or via PayPal.

How often will I get paid?

so.fa.dog redeems your earned coins once per month, during the first working days of the month.

for subscribers

Why should I subscribe?

If you want to support your favorite creator, here’s your chance. By subscribing, you get easy and immediate access to exclusive videos by your favorite creators.

What’s the subscription fee?

Each creator sets their own channel’s price. All paid channels have a monthly subscription fee.

What’s the difference between a donation and a subscription fee?

A subscription fee is a monthly payment to gain access to a creator’s channel.

A donation is an additional high five you can gift a creator if you enjoy their content.

to the creators channel. A donation is a voluntary extra donation to the creator.

Are there channels with no subscription fee?

Yes. Go to the Explore page, and click on the Filter Categories icon in Search to filter out free content.

How long is my subscription valid?

Your subscription is valid for one month after subscribing. If you have enough coins on your account, your subscription will be automatically renewed after one month. Monthly coin subscriptions are also automatically renewed after one month.

If you don’t have enough coins on your account, your subscription will be cancelled. You can top up your account at any time to resubscribe and maintain access to the channel.


When am I charged for my subscription?

You will be charged to your card as soon as you purchase coins. If you choose the monthly coin purchase, your card will be charged monthly on the same day as your initial payment.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How can I unsubscribe from a channel?

You can unsubscribe from a channel from the Settings menu, under Subscriptions.

You can cancel your monthly coin subscription in your phone’s Settings menu, under Apple ID (if you have an iPhone) or on the Google Play app, under Payments & subscriptions (if you have an Android.)

How do I find new content?

Use our Explore page to find new content and creators to follow. Type in a keyword or a creator’s name in Search and tons of relevant content will pop up. You can also filter categories and find content based on topics you’re interested in.

There are 14 content categories on so.fa.dog:

Crafts & Courses
Lifestyle & Podcasts
News & Politics
Nature & Environment
Travel & Adventures
Vehicles & Tech

Each creator chooses one or more categories based on the videos they post. This helps you find the content you want to see.

You can also check out our new and popular videos, and keep an eye on our most popular channels.